Sheehan protest group disrupts Rove reception

Sunday, August 20, 2006 at 12:22 am | Posted in Cindy Sheehan | 1 Comment

Yes, that loveable lady is back at it, according to MSNBC (again):

AUSTIN, Texas – Chanting “Try Rove for treason,” Cindy Sheehan and more than 50 other war protesters disrupted a reception before President Bush’s top adviser Karl Rove spoke at a fundraiser Saturday.

She just doesn’t quit!  You have to admire (or, if you’re on the right, despise) her determination.  The story goes on:

“I want him arrested. He planned the war that killed my son,” Sheehan told officers guarding the door. Sheehan’s oldest son Casey was killed in Iraq in 2004.

I think she’s delusional.  Sadly, none of the architects of the Iraq war will ever be put to task or be faced to admit their responsibility for leading the United States into a bloody mess that has lasted 1,250 days.  In any event:

Those at the reception sipped their drinks and largely ignored the protesters before they started chanting. One man looked at the group and said, “Go Bush!”

Earlier Saturday, the group of more than 70 gathered at the hotel entrance, carrying a large banner that read, “Rove: Guilty of crimes against humanity.” Ann Wright, a former U.S. diplomat who resigned in 2003 in protest over the war, yelled through a bullhorn, “Karl Rove, you are a criminal!”


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  1. “I think she’s delusional.” It is tempting to even those that sympathize with her to think so, but maybe its that we’re embarrassed by the rawness and honesty of the thoughts and feelings she expresses. The right-wing fringe uses that to indict her, Cindy feels things strong and deep so she must be “unhinged”. Those that think that way are merely the thoughts and feelings police that want to make the tragic death of this lady’s only son to magically disappear. Cindy is right when she accuses Cheney of wrong doing, but as Charles Barkly once said and I paraphrase, when you’re rich, white and powerful its rare that you’re held accountable.

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