Al Gore is a total fag!

Friday, July 28, 2006 at 11:51 pm | Posted in Right Wing Idiots | Leave a comment

According to Ann Coulter, at least.  In an interview on yesterday’s edition of Hardball, host Chris Matthews asked Coulter:

Let me ask you about your private life. How do you know that Bill Clinton’s gay?

The resulting exchange (my emphasis added):

COULTER: He may not be gay, but Al Gore, total fag. No, I’m just kidding. As someone, no —

MATTHEWS: That’s based on your private life?

COULTER: No, that’s a joke.


COULTER: That’s what we call in the writing business, a joke. No, I mean, I state a manifestly obvious fact. Someone pointed out on Free Republic, I think a little disgruntled yesterday, Ann’s amazing capacity is to state the obvious and make it news. I mean, everyone has always known, widely promiscuous heterosexual men have, as I say, a whiff of the bathhouse about them.

That sure is a hilarious joke!  You can see/read the rest of the interview at Media Matters.  You can also check out a full listing of Coulter’s other “jokes” at this site.


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