Russian Soldiers Find Strange Creature

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Found this story while surfing the internets today.  Apparently some soldiers in far Eastern Russia found a rather odd looking…thing.  Take a gander:

Real or fake?  What is it?  You decide.  In the meantime, the comments to the story on the blog I linked to and Huffington Post have been pretty funny, as I have listed below.


Its a “ManBearPig” see:

This not hoax! This great example of many many wildlifes in Mother Russia, environmental capital of world!


Shit, they found her !
It’s my mother in law !!!!!!!!!

it’s clearly the dead body of barbara straisand

i’d hit it

it’s madonna!

It’s Big Bird!

It’s Anna Nicole Smith

It’s a Wyvern!

It looks dead.

Now onto the replies from The Huffington Post.


long and hairy, Bin Laden?

Looks like Howard Dean.

The last honest republican. “Sniff”, guess their extinct now.

I’ve often wondered whatever happened to Linda Tripp.

It’s obiviously some sort of Muppet…probably a Snuffleupagus.

Suri’s dad?

It’s Nessie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could it be WMD?

It makes me think of Janet Reno.


It is clearly one of THOSE OF WHICH WE DO NOT SPEAK.

Jar-Jar Binks died?

It has Milli Vanilli’s wig.

It’s refreshing to see a story where the comments are actually comical instead of bickering.


Random College Fun

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A friend and I got really bored last night, and decided to explore our dorm building here at Boise State.  Enjoy

First day of college!

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Well today I embarked on the next path of my education, with a huge amount of financial assistance from my mom and dad.  So far things have been great.  I’ve moved into my dorm, and set everything up how I want it.  My roommate, Kraig, is great.  We’ve been getting along great so far.

Earlier tonight at 10, the freshmen dormies were treated to a showing of The Benchwarmers.  This was my second time seeing it, and I enjoyed the movie.

Right now it’s 1:12 in the morning, and Kraig is fast asleep, as are many of the people in the neighboring dorms.  The only sound that I’m hearing right now is the drone of the air conditoner.

I’m tired, so I’ll write more later.  Perhaps pictures too.

Yaris vs Yaris

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I don’t know about you guys, but I love this commerial.  Makes me laugh every time.

2005 Borah High Cross Country season video

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This year was my last at Borah High School and was also my final year running on the cross country team.  Throughout the year I filmed the races Borah’s XC team participated in, then I made a video.  Check it out.

This girl annoys me

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Every so often, I’ll be channel surfing at 2 am through a vast wasteland, when this girl catches my eye.

Dunno what her name is, but she’s damn fine.  Anyway, whenever I see this chick, she’s always talking about some get rich quick program.  She babbles on about how awesome the program is, then come testimonials!

But while she’s talking, I find it hard to focus:

I don’t know whether to look at her face or her amazing cleavage.  It’s very distracting and annoying.  D:


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Greetings all, my name is Lindstrom, and this is my inaugural post here using WordPress.

I’m a newbie to this whole blogging thing, so bear with me for a bit while I learn all the tricks.


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