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Firstly, our friends across the pond busted a huge terrorist plot, Iraq was completely pushed to the back burner, President Bush returned to a 33% approval rating, and meanwhile, Cindy Sheehan is having problems:

Anti-war demonstrator Cindy Sheehan was hospitalized Friday evening for dehydration and exhaustion after fasting for more than a month and protesting earlier this week in 100-degree weather, friends and relatives said.

Well see that’s your problem right there. Fasting+hot weather=trip to emergency room. I’m not against Ms. Sheehan’s cause or anything; but fasting…in 100 degree tempatures? Come on.

The Guardian goes on to report:

Sheehan, 49, was hospitalized after friends picked her up Friday afternoon at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, where she arrived after spending several days in Seattle at the Veterans for Peace convention, said friend Tiffany Burns.

Sheehan, who has been on a liquid diet as part of the nationwide “Troops Home Fast” hunger strike, had been treated and released from a Seattle emergency room Thursday night. On doctors orders, she ate for the first time in about 37 days, Burns said.

37 days! Wow, that’s amazing. Next time she should aim for 40 days!


“World Trade Center”

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On Wednesday I saw Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center movie. The film tells the harrowing story of two Port Authority police officers who were trapped under the rubble of the twin towers when they were destroyed on September 11, 2001. For those who are still sensitive about 9/11, I would advise not seeing the film until they are more comfortable. In any event, Stone stays away from gratitutious shots of falling bodes and flaming debris. There are, however, a few instances showing injured people running from the towers and news footage of the trade towers collapsing.

The movie displays no political viewpoint or hidden agenda, but rather factually explains what John McLoughlin (Nicolas Cage) and Will Jimeno (Michael Pena), the last two officers pulled alive from the wreckage of the World Trade Center, went through and talked about during their 24 hours buried in the rubble. Cage and Pena do a fantastic job portraying the emotions of the two men.

Once the towers fall, Stone switches between the two trapped men and their grieving wives, played by Maria Bello and a very convincing Maggie Gyllenhaal. Bello plays Donna McLoughlin, wife of John McLoughlin while Gyllenhaal is Allison Jimeno.

In the end, World Trade Center is a powerful and moving film. I highly recommend it. This movie is a must see, and will probably pick up some Oscar nods this year.

Some official reviews can be found at Rotten Tomatoes and Google.

Lastly, here’s the official trailer:

Lamont comes out on top by small margin

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Lamont with his family.  Picture from Daily Kos.

Tonight in Connecticut, anti-war candidate Ned Lamont narrowly beat three term sentator Joe Lieberman 52%-48% to win the Democratic Senate primary. Lieberman has since conceded to Lamont. The Moderate Voice has more.

I was listening to the Sean Hannity show this afternoon, and heard Hannity talk about the Connecticut primary. He opined that if Lamont were to win, then that would mean a radial shift in the Democrat Party to the far left wing. Hannity also said that if Lamont won, it would represent how Democrats are weak on terror.

I have to disagree with Hannity on the latter point. Just because a Democrat is against the war in Iraq, does not mean he/she is “weak” in the War on Terror. For instance, I’m not too thrilled with the way our invasion of Iraq turned out, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go after Iran in a second if they were to attack us.

Additionally, this is my first post using word wrap. Looks spiffy I think. Also, thank WordPress for not losing this post when my laptop froze up a minute ago.

2005 Borah High Cross Country season video

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This year was my last at Borah High School and was also my final year running on the cross country team.  Throughout the year I filmed the races Borah’s XC team participated in, then I made a video.  Check it out.

This girl annoys me

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Every so often, I’ll be channel surfing at 2 am through a vast wasteland, when this girl catches my eye.

Dunno what her name is, but she’s damn fine.  Anyway, whenever I see this chick, she’s always talking about some get rich quick program.  She babbles on about how awesome the program is, then come testimonials!

But while she’s talking, I find it hard to focus:

I don’t know whether to look at her face or her amazing cleavage.  It’s very distracting and annoying.  D:

Update on Sheehan land purchase

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As I wrote about on Thursday, anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan bought some land near the President’s ranch in Crawford, Texas.  As MSNBC reports, some citizens of Crawford aren’t too happy with her:

83-year-old Robert Westerfield isn’t exactly rolling out the welcome mat for the town’s newest resident: War protester Cindy Sheehan.

“I wish she’d stay away. Crawford’s a Republican town, and she’s a dumb Democrat,” Westerfield, a lifelong Crawford resident, said Friday while sitting on a bench outside a gas station on Main Street.


The protesters group said it outgrew a 1-acre lot about a mile from Bush’s ranch that a sympathetic landowner provided. Several hundred demonstrators returned to the lot over Thanksgiving and Easter.

Now many of the town’s 700 residents fear the traffic congestion, noise from rallies and odor from portable toilets — complaints from residents near the other campsite — will affect those closer to town.

“When it’s here, it affects a different set of people,” Teresa Bowdoin said.

Al Gore is a total fag!

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According to Ann Coulter, at least.  In an interview on yesterday’s edition of Hardball, host Chris Matthews asked Coulter:

Let me ask you about your private life. How do you know that Bill Clinton’s gay?

The resulting exchange (my emphasis added):

COULTER: He may not be gay, but Al Gore, total fag. No, I’m just kidding. As someone, no —

MATTHEWS: That’s based on your private life?

COULTER: No, that’s a joke.


COULTER: That’s what we call in the writing business, a joke. No, I mean, I state a manifestly obvious fact. Someone pointed out on Free Republic, I think a little disgruntled yesterday, Ann’s amazing capacity is to state the obvious and make it news. I mean, everyone has always known, widely promiscuous heterosexual men have, as I say, a whiff of the bathhouse about them.

That sure is a hilarious joke!  You can see/read the rest of the interview at Media Matters.  You can also check out a full listing of Coulter’s other “jokes” at this site.

Wow it’s hot.

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Weather.com US Current Temps

As most of you know, much of America is suffering from a heat wave.  Here in Boise, Idaho, for example, the current tempature is 100 degrees.  When it’s this hot where I live, there’s not much people can really do outside, with the exception of floating the river.

In some areas, such as California, the blistering temperatures have been deadly.  Until fall arrives, keep hydrated and stick to the shade as much as possible.

In other news: remember Cindy Sheehan?  The left wing’s favorite anti-war protester has found a new way to help out her cause:

War protester Cindy Sheehan has purchased a 5-acre plot in Crawford with some of the insurance money she received after her son was killed in Iraq.

Sheehan said in a newsletter sent to supporters,

“We decided to buy property in Crawford to use until George’s resignation or impeachment, which we all hope is soon for the sake of the world.”

Unless the general public wakes up or Bushie boy suddenly becomes compassionate, neither of those will happen.  In any event, it won’t occur soon.

What Sheehan says next is certain to rile up bloggers on the right.

“I can’t think of a better way to use Casey’s insurance money than for peace, and I am sure that Casey approves.”

Eh, I dunno.  Something about that bothers me.  I hope Sheehan will put the land to good use, perhaps by building a small Iraq War memorial.


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Greetings all, my name is Lindstrom, and this is my inaugural post here using WordPress.

I’m a newbie to this whole blogging thing, so bear with me for a bit while I learn all the tricks.


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